• Removing a member.   The chair has no authority to impose a penalty or to order the offending member removed from the hall, the assembly has that power. RONR (11th ed.). P 646, ll. 26-28. 

  • By agreeing on the reasons for the removal and the possible ways to approach it, board members can move forward in a confident and professional manner.

  •  Any member can move to order a penalty, or the chair can first ask, "What penalty shall be imposed on the member?"  A motion can propose, for example, that the offender be required to make an apology, that he be censured, that he be required to leave the hall during the remainder of the meeting or until he is prepared to apologize. RONR (11th ed.). P 647, ll. 12-17.     


  • Removal of a member for calling someone a name.

 Removal of a member for calling someone a name - continued.